Half price tentacles!

Sale! Fit the Fourth cds now available for £5.

My fourth album, a collection of songs that I poured my heart and soul into; that concluded a musical journey for the character Seven Bells John that began on my first album 6 years previously; that contains some of my best ever songs, including what might be my signature song Some of the Creatures…. is now available for just a fiver.

I asked David Elephant, CEE (chief executive elephant) of my record label if the 20 pence I previously had received per £10 would now be 10 pence. He informed me that the 20 pence I had been receiving was part of the £5 that has been discounted. So I won’t be receiving that, but as he put it I should probably ‘shut up with my whinging’.

Still, it’s a great deal. If you don’t have a copy now’s the time to get one! Click here to do so.

New single! – Album pre-orders open

11117378_10153231910386477_997808230_nMy new album, Fit the Fourth is now available for pre-order in CD and digital formats.
CD pre-order from The Merch Desk
Digital pre-order from the BEM sales site
The album is to be released on 1st June 2015 and while you’re waiting for it to arrive check out the single, ‘Some of the Creatures Have Broken the Locks on the Door to Lab 558’, released as a pay-what-you-want download single on the BEM site today




You started hallucinating at some point in the last few hours.

So on my next album the wonderful Jordan Brown of The Rube Goldberg Machine fame is gonna play some bass. To facilitate this, I just sent him the following:


“Imagine that you are adrift on the salt baked remains of what used to be your ship. The last fresh water ran out days ago and there’s no land in sight. You started hallucinating at some point in the last few hours. The sun has beaten and burned away what’s left of your reason, but you’re happy because you know at some point soon you will slip beneath the waves and breathe through the new gills you have grown.

Play the bassline you dream of, before you begin to swim”