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‘An experiment too far’, is how Tom Slatter’s first album was reviewed. His live act has been described as ‘discomfiting’ and ‘overly whimsical’ – and, all right there have been some good reviews too. A mixture of prog, alt-rock, a tinge of metal and the barest hint of folk story telling, Tom Slatter has been performing and releasing music since 2010.

Photo by R J Forster

His seven solo albums to date throw together those influences alongside a penchant for science fiction and surreal storytelling.  As a performer, Tom has played solo sets at various festivals – Summer’s End, Eppyfest, The Lincoln Asylum, the Phoenix alternative festival – as well as supporting acts such as Lifesigns, The Gift, Alan Reed, Simon Godfrey. 

The Tom Slatter Band came into life in 2019, taking the full band version of Tom’s music onstage with a handful of gigs including a set at the Raising Steam steampunk festival and a London date alongside IT and Circu5. Covid 19 put paid to gigs in 2020 and 2021, but with the country opening up The Tom Slatter band hope to take to a stage near you soon. 

Live reviews:

Live review Prog magazine

“Tom is a bit of character, and his warm smile and quirky delivery certainly resonated with me and the gathered masses. Catchy songs, with enough charm and whimsy to have you singing along – despite the underlying darker nature of much of his material.” Review of Gig in Darlington

“Self Made Man stands out and particularly shows Gareth Cole’s skill on guitar. Tom Slatter also displays a surprisingly soulful voice… and they deservedly received a very positive response…” The Progressive Aspect

“Tom is an engaging singer with a resonant voice and an unorthodox songwriter whose songs push the boundaries of what can be expected from the solo acoustic guitar troubadour, straying into the darkest of corners. There is a strange mind at work here but one that makes for a compelling and fascinating listen.” – The Progressive Aspect

“…Both descriptions ring true but fail to pinpoint the cheerfully pulpy weird-fiction exuberance of Tom’s work as a one-man band. He’s a man not just happily out of his time, but making a virtue of it – a latter-day Victorian street-theatre barker with a guitar promising tales of mystery, imagination, ‘orrible murders and bloody great waving tentacles.” – Misfit City 

“Laced with tales, dark humour and sardonic introductions, he went for it, he entertained and the small but enthusiastic audience appreciated.” – Tony Colvill

Band videos (made during lockdown!):

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