Happy People

Happy People is my fifth studio album.

Released in 2017, it’s a loose concept album based in a dystopian near future. It’s all about individuality and the self, and maintaining those in opposition to a faceless state. It’s also my most serious work in tone up to that point, the first non-steampunk album and the most

Previously all my album had been almost entirely solo affairs. While this is all written and mostly performed by me, this is the first time that Michael Cairns plays drums. It is also produced by Dan Bowles and Jordan Brown. Jordan had previously played bass on a couple of tracks on Fit the Fourth.

In particular, Jordan made some really helpful songwriting points in the pre-production stage. I’ve included those in the series of blog posts below, along with the original demo recordings so you can hear how it all developed.

Happy People, Song by Song:

Part 1: Happy People
Part 2: Name in a File
Part 3: Satellites
Part 4: Flow my tears, the policeman said
Part 5: Even then we’re Scared
Part 6: Fire Flower Heart
Part 7: Tracking Signals
Part 8: Set Light To The Sky
Part 9: All Of The Dark