Half price tentacles!

Sale! Fit the Fourth cds now available for £5.

My fourth album, a collection of songs that I poured my heart and soul into; that concluded a musical journey for the character Seven Bells John that began on my first album 6 years previously; that contains some of my best ever songs, including what might be my signature song Some of the Creatures…. is now available for just a fiver.

I asked David Elephant, CEE (chief executive elephant) of my record label if the 20 pence I previously had received per £10 would now be 10 pence. He informed me that the 20 pence I had been receiving was part of the £5 that has been discounted. So I won’t be receiving that, but as he put it I should probably ‘shut up with my whinging’.

Still, it’s a great deal. If you don’t have a copy now’s the time to get one! Click here to do so.