The Sunday Bootleg Episode 42 – Simon Godfrey

In the new episode of my podcast the following things occur:

  • I remind us of the origin of the insect creatures and what they’ve been up to
  • I have a chat with Simon Godfrey about Simon’s musical adventures and our mutual problems with our record label boss, David Elephant.
  • I play Simon’s song ‘Tea Head’ from his album of rarities and obscurities ‘The Black Back Archives Volume 2’
  • I tell a little story about what I got up to after my last meeting with the evil label boss, David.

You can find more of Simon’s music at:

Sunday bootleg episode 41 Abomnium

Episode 41 of the Sunday Bootleg.

I’ve decided to include more interviews with other people and bootlegs from others on the podcast.

This week:
-An interview with one man extreme metal band Peter Watkinson about his band Abomnium.
-True facts about the war between Tarquin’s City Boys and the metal insects
-True facts about what it’s like being signed to BEM and how different Peter’s label boss is to David Elephant.
-Some heavy metal, including a demo track that Peter and I did together two or three years ago, and a track from Abomnium’s latest album A Hollow Path.

You have been warned.

More podcast, whether you want it or not.

No-one asked, literally no-one, but I’m doing it anyway. I’m recording more episodes of my podcast ‘Tom Slatter’s Sunday Bootleg’.

If you don’t know what that is, it is a podcast wot I do on a Sunday that has a ‘bootleg’ recording of some sort and a true story about recent happenings. As an example, here is story about the true things that happened to me at last year’s Prog awards.

I’m not going to apologise. It is fun.

The next new episode will include a true story about what I stole from The Horns in Watford, and I why I gave it back.

The first 18 episodes of the Sunday Bootleg

So far I have created 18 episodes of my Sunday Bootleg podcast. Each has between one and three obscure tracks of mine – live songs, studio outtakes, demos and so on – plus entirely sensible stories about actual real things that have definitely happened to me.

You can listen on soundcloud, subscribe on Itunes or on your favourite podcast app on your phone (your favourite of the many podcast apps on your phone. We’ve all got a favourite, right? Podblurb, Caster, Earprickr. Your favourite app.)

Podcast, Video, Random Waffle


October has been a very busy month workwise, with several evening events and the organisation of a large-scale concert (audience of 300 – a very successful night) distracting me from my own music.

I haven’t been entirely inactive, however.


I’ve put together a little podcast. It isn’t as elaborate and silly as the first 2 were (When I’ve more time these will be far more complicated and silly) but it does contain two acoustic songs of mine that you won’t have heard before.


I’ve been playing around with the video app on my phone, and have put together a little slideshow of recent steampunk pictures from the video shoots we’ve done recently.

Random Waffle

I’ve started preliminary planning for solo album number two – With two exceptions the songs are written and I just need to make a start on the recording. I’m really looking forward to that as I’ve learned a lot about recording and mixing over the last year.

The next big thing to turn up will be the video for Spinning the Compass. Joe has been constructing this-

– Which is needed for a couple of shots in the video. We’ve also shot a fight scene and all sorts of silliness. There’s some pics and little videos from the shoot over at my posterous site, and if I’m feeling generous I’ll email a little video preview to my mailing list later today (which you can join by entering your email address in the box at the top right of your screen).

So, all sorts of things coming soon. I haven’t vanished, honest!

Podcast Episode 4

Last weekend I played an Online Charity gig. Here’s an extract in which I play 5 songs I wrote this summer, including 4 of the 5 songs from The Miser’s Will.

In between songs you can hear me talking to the chatroom audience, so the chat between songs is a little one-sided, but it should make sense.