Podcast, Video, Random Waffle


October has been a very busy month workwise, with several evening events and the organisation of a large-scale concert (audience of 300 – a very successful night) distracting me from my own music.

I haven’t been entirely inactive, however.


I’ve put together a little podcast. It isn’t as elaborate and silly as the first 2 were (When I’ve more time these will be far more complicated and silly) but it does contain two acoustic songs of mine that you won’t have heard before.


I’ve been playing around with the video app on my phone, and have put together a little slideshow of recent steampunk pictures from the video shoots we’ve done recently.

Random Waffle

I’ve started preliminary planning for solo album number two – With two exceptions the songs are written and I just need to make a start on the recording. I’m really looking forward to that as I’ve learned a lot about recording and mixing over the last year.

The next big thing to turn up will be the video for Spinning the Compass. Joe has been constructing this-

– Which is needed for a couple of shots in the video. We’ve also shot a fight scene and all sorts of silliness. There’s some pics and little videos from the shoot over at my posterous site, and if I’m feeling generous I’ll email a little video preview to my mailing list later today (which you can join by entering your email address in the box at the top right of your screen).

So, all sorts of things coming soon. I haven’t vanished, honest!

The Random Inspiration Blog

Lex Machina, a photographer, rans the Random Inspiration blog, a tumblr blog that has the simple little goal of sharing cool, inspiring artwork with the world.

The pictures on the site are from all over the place and by different people, and are often pretty good. They are also often of a steampunky variety.

The blog is labelled ‘Not Safe For Work’ mostly I suppose because of the occasional nude. Mostly, it’s pretty inspiring. As it aims to be.

Here is a link.

It Ain’t Steampunk If There Ain’t No Goggles

The rather talented older Slatter brother who can be found at www.thedarkpower.com has been making some steampunky goggles.

I’m making some steampunk goggles for my brother. This was kind of going to be a secret but the desire to tell people was getting too strong and he emailed me earlier and suggested doing a steampunk music video for one of his songs, so it seemed like a good opportunity to mention it to him.

They’re made of various bits of junk: the main body is a set of plastic welding goggles covered in leather effect material from a table mat that I got from a pound shop. The main eye extension thing is one half of an old set of binoculars that I got off ebay and there’s half a pair of old glasses attached to a medical probe on the other eye…

Read more by clicking here!

Top Hat!

Today, I took delivery of a top hat. Why? Well, I’ve recorded a steampunk album, so I should have some steampunk pictures.

These aren’t them, these are just a couple of snaps to see how the top hat looks.

Look, it’s a top hat!