Rehearsal videos!

Here are some videos – my first attempt at a multi-camera thing. Well, I say camera, my phone and my cheap zoom recorder. And yes, I could have framed the shot of me better, but meh, who cares right? It’s a scratch recording of a rehearsal.

Specifically it’s Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said, and Black Water. We’ll be playing both at upcoming gigs – have a look at the sidebar for more gig info!


New Video test shots

Joe and I started filming for a new video. Here’s a break down of one of the shots.

I have no idea when we will finish this. I still have the pesky, quibbling need to earn a living so projects like this happen in the gaps between obligatory nonsense like going to work.

Stupid work.




So my brother Joe ‘The Dark Power’ Slatter makes models.

He makes them very well. This is the little chappie who is on the front cover of my first solo album, Spinning the Compass.


He was also the inspiration, kinda, for my song Ingenious Devices, from Spinning the Compass.


Here’s a video that uses this model, and another similar one, as well as couple of my songs: