It has begun!

Wednesday was the first rehearsal for September’s gigs. New drummer, Michael was bloody good, Joe on bass and backing vocals was good, I was mildly dodgy.

I actually haven’t played a lot of my newer songs since recording them, and this time I’m using my new steampunky electric guitar so we can play some of the more energetic twiddly songs. Some of this stuff is a bit difficult!

Nevertheless, lots of fun and it’ll sound bloody good by next month.

Here are the dates and facebook events.

London 5th Sept:
Reading 21st Sept:

And here’s some footage. I filmed this with my new zoom recorder. I got the sound settings right but not the video settings, so have compensated by turning up the brightness. I shall do better next time!

Freedom Of Expression – Take 3

Last Tuesday I performed at Freedom of Expression at the Green Dragon. Here’s the vid:

Video streaming by Ustream

This is the third time I’ve performed at the same venue and it’s always fun. As they record and broadcast the gig via Ustream it gives me the fun little challenge of perfoming a completely different set each time.

I’ve ripped the audio from the recording above and you can download it for free, along with the previous gig at the Green Dragon, from the fan page.

Also performing were Jeremy Ayre and Ashley Cowan who I particularly enjoyed. Here’s one of his songs:

Podcast, Video, Random Waffle


October has been a very busy month workwise, with several evening events and the organisation of a large-scale concert (audience of 300 – a very successful night) distracting me from my own music.

I haven’t been entirely inactive, however.


I’ve put together a little podcast. It isn’t as elaborate and silly as the first 2 were (When I’ve more time these will be far more complicated and silly) but it does contain two acoustic songs of mine that you won’t have heard before.


I’ve been playing around with the video app on my phone, and have put together a little slideshow of recent steampunk pictures from the video shoots we’ve done recently.

Random Waffle

I’ve started preliminary planning for solo album number two – With two exceptions the songs are written and I just need to make a start on the recording. I’m really looking forward to that as I’ve learned a lot about recording and mixing over the last year.

The next big thing to turn up will be the video for Spinning the Compass. Joe has been constructing this-

– Which is needed for a couple of shots in the video. We’ve also shot a fight scene and all sorts of silliness. There’s some pics and little videos from the shoot over at my posterous site, and if I’m feeling generous I’ll email a little video preview to my mailing list later today (which you can join by entering your email address in the box at the top right of your screen).

So, all sorts of things coming soon. I haven’t vanished, honest!