It has begun!

Wednesday was the first rehearsal for September’s gigs. New drummer, Michael was bloody good, Joe on bass and backing vocals was good, I was mildly dodgy.

I actually haven’t played a lot of my newer songs since recording them, and this time I’m using my new steampunky electric guitar so we can play some of the more energetic twiddly songs. Some of this stuff is a bit difficult!

Nevertheless, lots of fun and it’ll sound bloody good by next month.

Here are the dates and facebook events.

London 5th Sept:
Reading 21st Sept:

And here’s some footage. I filmed this with my new zoom recorder. I got the sound settings right but not the video settings, so have compensated by turning up the brightness. I shall do better next time!

“Tom Slatter, I just think he should pick a style and stick to it…”

A lovely man named Diego has reviewed Three Rows of Teeth. He said this: “Tom Slatter’s Three Rows Of Teeth is a great example of ‘self-made’ music where you can enjoy both complex and regular music with deep pleasure.”

Deep pleasure. Hard to argue with that.

Here’s a link to the review. It’s worth having a look at the site in general if you like this proggy stuff.

Even more exciting is this comment underneath the review: ‘can not say I’m a fan of Tom Slatter, I just think he should pick a style and stick to it… ‘ which I think is going to look great on posters…

What am I doing at the top of a list that includes King Crimson and Genesis?

Look at the picture above – I’m legitimately at the top of a list that includes King Crimson and Genesis? How surreal. Of course it’s only because I’m a new artist on, but it still pleases me greatly even though I wouldn’t dream of placing myself above those artists in terms of quality or popularity.

Progarchives is one of my favourite sites, I’ve discovered lots of great music through there, so to be featured is lovely. There are a couple of reviews of my tracks up, including one of Earthbound that says:

‘…It sounds like it belongs in the dream sequence of an indie film. The vocal delivery is akin to John Wetton, but I am reminded of The Ninth Wave from Kate Bush’s The Hounds of Love. It is rare to hear someone do so much with two chords. “Earthbound” generates mixed feelings of being lost but having a sense of calm peacefulness all the same.’

John Wetton is a singer I have a lot of time for, so it’s nice to be compared to him.

Three Rows of Teeth

Anyhoo, what have I been up to? Well the big news is that I’m recording my third solo album. Backing tracks (Drums, bass, rhythm guitar and keys) are pretty much done, which leaves lead guitars, vocals and silly beepy noises to add. After that mixing and mastering, artwork and so on. Probably another two or three months at the very least before it’s finished.

As pleased as I am with Ironbark, my production skills continue to improve and I want to challenge myself to produce a really good indie record with this. It’ll be more electric guitar based than previous albums but still similar to my rockier numbers. The songs from the Mother’s Been Talking to Ghosts Again EP will be reworked to form part of the album, so you’ve already heard some of the pre-production demos as it were.

There will also be a few other numbers – and if you’ve been following the demos on my 52 Things page, (see above) you’ll have heard most of the album in its embryonic form.

I have good feelings about this project – I think it’s going to be my best music yet.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.