How many sheds must a man build?

This and other questions were answered, or at least pondered and discussed in the second of my podcast interviews with the people who helped with my new album.

Ben Bell, keyboard player extraordinaire, was the second person to help out. Here he is, enjoying the discussion.

We talked about his keyboard playing and general creative approach. Along the way I discovered he has built at least three sheds.

When will this new podcast be inflicted upon you? What will it be called? Will each interview be presented as it is, or will I cut them up and combine them to present the discussions thematically?

I have literally no idea what the answer to any those questions is. I doubt I will until the first episode is out. Or until the last is out.

I’ll figure it out.

What else has been going on? I’ve only signed off the bloody front cover art, that’s what. Brian Mitchell, who also did the artwork for Demon, Murder and Parliament, and Spirit Box, has been helping out with this one too. It looks ace.

In addition, I’m 90% finished with text for the extended booklet thing that will be one of the optional extras for the album, and I’m making good progress on one of the other extras too.

I’ve also received Michael Cairn’s contribution to the play through video we’re making for the first ‘single’.

In short, progress is being made with this album thing and we’re making good progress towards a release.

Soon, soon you will hear new music!