If We Cut All Your Wires (Lyric video)

I’ve just posted a new video over on the ol’ YouTubes. It’s a lyric video for my song ‘If We Cut All Your Wires’.

What’s that all about then?

Well – and stop me if this sounds a little self indulgent (oh no wait, you can’t stop me typing) – but this song is from an EP that happens inside another song.

My last solo album, Happy People, contains an instrumental track called Tracking Signals. The idea with this track is that our protagonist is flicking through radio frequencies, trying to isolate the evil government spy frequencies.

My new EP, Still Happy, is the music he heard while doing so.

If you would like a copy of the whole EP, download or physical, you need to join the band of reprobates known as the Immoral Supporters. You can find out about that here.

Thanks for listening!