IronBark Extras Part 1

The first IronBark extra is up on the fan page. Which means it is exclusive and only available for proper fans. Are you a proper fan?

Go to and click on the fan page. This will tell you how to see the extras.

(As well as IronBark extras there's extras for Spinning the Compass including several extra tracks, and a few other things as well.)

Passing a major hurdle in my music career

Over the last 18 months I passed a major hurdle in my music career without really recognising it.

I have now released two solo albums and built a following of a few hundred – Nowhere near enough to earn a living from my music. I'll be teaching for a while yet.

Nevertheless I have reached the first step towards that goal: people I don't know are buying my music.

Over at people are buying Ironbark and a lot of them are even paying above the asking price.

I am amazed and humbled, genuinely that people like these absurd self indulgent noodlings of mine. I'm over the first hurdle, I can see the goal I have proved the concept.

This pleases me.

Wanna copy of Ironbark? Any price you want over at

Liner notes for IronBark

ironbarklyrics.pdf Download this file

Here are the lyrics for the new album IronBark in handy PDF form. To hear and download the album, head over the front page of

Oh, and join the mailing list if you want to see/hear the album extras. These will include, in the coming days, annotated lyrics and liner notes, demos of the songs from the album, and diary entries I wrote during the recording process. Bound to be some bonus tracks and video too at some point.

Click 'fan page' on to find out how to join.

New Album Cover and Track Listing

If all goes according to plan, by next weekend my album Ironbark will be finished and available for anyone that wants it.

The Dark Joe has designed some cover artwork.


1. The Beast of the Air
2. Steamlife
3. The Miser's Will I: The Cartographer's Tale
4. The Miser's Will II: What the Orderly Saw
5. The Miser's Will III: Watermen's Square
6. The Miser's WIll IV: The Engineer
7. The Miser's Will V: Reading the Will
8. Ironbark