Satellites – Lyric video

I had a day off, so I’m amused myself by making a lyric video to my song Satellites.

This means I’ve had an excuse to listen to the song. It is good! It’s been in the setlist so I’ve played it relatively recently, but haven’t heard the album version for a while. It’s one of my most collaborative songs really. Michael Cairns plays drums and also decided on the half time feel in second chorus (which was a good idea!). Jordan Brown got me to change key from C# minor to F# and also provided the rather excellent bass playing. Dan from Seren Sounds produced and if I recall correctly sang backing too.

Being a loner, weirdo solo artist I have to push myself to collaborate with others. I’m always pleased when I do.

Satellites is the third track from my album Happy People. It’s about love in a near future dystopia where the government watches your every move, where people are forced to live underground sheltered from the post-apocalyptic nightmare outside. And it’s about two people trying to escape.

It turned out to be about this accidentally as the lyrics were inspired by various attempts at Burroughs/Bowie-esque cut-ups from which the story seemed to emerge. You can see that in some lines being, well a bit weird (the one about gunships. What’s that about?) So in the video I’ve tried to give the sense that this is found footage with subtitles that happen to match the song.

Here’s a link to a blog post that tells you more about the song.