Fireplaces and Washing Machines

You may have noticed that I’ve been relatively quiet the last few weeks. That’s because I have just moved house and internet access has been patchy.

Yup, that’s right – an actual house. Whodathunkit?

We’ve just got ourselves a slightly neglected little victorian place just to the North of London. It includes a couple of very nice fireplaces, such as this one:

And a little outbuilding thing at the back which is most probably going to be turned into a little music room.

It needs a little work. At the moment it’s all bare walls and dodgy electrics (and, yes, the box to our Dalek Cookie Jar. What do you mean you don’t have one?)

So watch this space for dull updates about my inept attemps at DIY as I try to fix that up into a working, albeit tiny, music room.

PS. this weeks success included installing our new washing machine. This probably counts as the most masculine achievement in my life to date. I doubt I will top it.