How I wrote ‘I Still Smile’

I Still Smile was written for FAWM 2008, a month in which I also finished the title track for Spinning the Compass.

In keeping with the themes from Mechanism, it’s about the difficulty of making genuine contact with others.

The lyrics are from the point of view of an inanimate metal and latex figure that the ‘You’ of the song has purchased as a companion.

Here’s the demo:-

I Still Smile (Demo)

I can’t deny the Radiohead influence on this one, particularly in the subject matter, but also in the composition – building up to a climax, in this case the pitch-shifted harmony vocals, is quite a Radioheadesque thing to do. The slow build-up of layers and the high pitched vocals are quite Radiohead as well I suppose.

Do I ever write anything original?

I have all the time you need
I have all you want
My arms are always here
To make you feel complete

Even when you’re crying, I still smile.

My face is fixed in a permanent grin
My latex skin never frowns
You bought me, to make you feel complete
And I’ll always be here

Even when you’re crying, I still smile.

And your last touch of real skin hurt too much.

But I have all the time you need
My love never dies

Image Copyright WebWizzard 2009