Murder songs – another live bootleg.

The most recent thing I tormented my bandcamp subscribers with was this set of murder songs – a set of acoustic live-for-the-internet songs about murder.

It’s one of several live bootlegs subscribers get their grubby mitts on.

There’s also a set of songs from the Raising Steam festival 2019 – that’s a full band one and lots of fun.

There’s the Fit the Fourth album launch bootleg, which is one of only two times I had a go at a one man version of the entire Seven Bells John song cycle/concept meta-album thing. It shouldn’t have worked, it was almost derailed by a well meaning but drunk heckler, it includes half a version of Demon with the whole chapel singing along out of tune. Oh yeah, and it was recorded in an actual consecrated Chapel (they had to burn it down soon after).

And there’s a set from The Surrey Steampunk Convivial which was one of the most glorious acoustic gigs I ever played – and one of the first times I found myself thinking I had really figured out how to perform.

The poor fool subscribers get all of these, and more. I assume they force themselves to listen to it all on a loop until every moment is etched into their brains like a record player needle cutting through the grey matter.

Erm, I mean I am grateful to my subscribers and I hope they enjoy the music.

More info about the subscribers thing is here.