Spirit Box – The Journey Continues

Spirit Box vlog!

This is the first in a series of as many as I can be bothered to make – probably 4. This episode sees me introduce the EP, insult ghost hunters, claim one or other of Jordan or Gareth is a hoax, and take the mickey out of Jordan’s trombone playing.

In Other News

The EP has been reviewed again:

“If you have heard any of his material already then I am sure you have lined up to purchase this, but if you are new to his style of English folk prog crossover then you owe it to your ears to find out more.”

More of on Power of Prog.

Last but not least, I was interviewed by Emma Roebuck over on her ‘Northern Star’ Progzilla radio show. You can find a podcast of that show over at this link.

You don’t have a copy yet? 

Are you mad? Here’s the bandcamp thingie:

Spirit Box the story so far.

Spirit Box has been out for 3 weeks. It’s still undoubtedly one of my best releases. It sounds great, the songs are strong, and Jordan and Gareth’s contributions are excellent.

The CD version comes with two extra tracks, and also a letter. Here’s an extract:

“Hello you!

Thanks for buying a copy of Spirit Box. Your support is greatly appreciated. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the record business isn’t a thing any more and it is support of individuals like yourself that helps to keep absurd, commercially insane projects like this going.

Spirit Box is a project I’ve had half a mind to write for a few years now. On my second album, Ironbark, I’ve got a song cycle called The Miser’s Will. Five songs that tell a story that I can play in my solo acoustic set. The original idea with Spirit Box was to write another acoustic song cycle, but one that tells a story about the ghost hunting device known as a spirit box.

Butcher Boy came into being when I was walking around the City of London, taking a break from making the world better as the amazing, selfless charity worker that I am, when I spied a butcher’s van. I can’t remember exactly what it said on the side, but I do know that in that instant the opening lines of Butcher Boy turned up in my head. …”

It’s been reviewed over on The Progressive Aspect, which is nice. I think this quote is a keeper:

“If you have an inkling for a little darkness in your music collection then this EP, concerning some macabre murders and Stephen King-like clowns, is perfect…the weird is now wonderful.”

I’ve also recorded a podcast with Jordan and Gareth in which we discuss the songs, the meanings behind them and the process of recording them.

I’m dead proud of it. If you like it too, your support would be appreciated. Every penny it makes will go back into making more music.

You can click here if you would like a copy.