FAWM! + Murder and Parliament Track by Track

FAWM lyrics in my scrawly, scribbley, terrible handwriting

It is February again (as usual. January then February every year. Why must we always stick with the same routine. Dull) so I’m doing February Album Writing Month for something like the 11th year.

At the time of writing I’ve got three new tracks up, all of them nice cheery murder ballads.


  • Butcher Boy is about about a butcher who decides to kills some of his customers.
  • Ashes is about a guy who killed his wife and is now trying to contact her ghost through use of a spirit box.
  • A Bloody Way To Find Yourself Some Peace is about how lovely revenge is.

You can hear all my FAWM demos over on this page.

Murder and Parliament Track by Track blog series

Over on my Murder and Parliament site I’ve been writing a series of blog posts about each track. You can read the first few by heading over the murderandparliament.com

There will be more FAWM tracks, and more rambling about Murder and Parliament over the next couple of weeks, so either stay tuned or avoid my site and social media, depending on what you think of all that.