Happy People – New album available for pre-order

My new album Happy People is available now for pre-order. you can hear the first track too.

Here’s the press release, which pleasingly is mostly my wording:

Tom Slatter, London’s self-proclaimed premiere steampunk and sci-fi based rock songwriter releases his fifth studio album, ‘Happy People’, on 17th March 2017.

The artist himself describes ‘Happy People’ as conceptual masterpiece, a collection of life changing musical moments the likes of which haven’t been heard since the heady days of rock’s greatest acts like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath or Showaddywaddy.

Yet it nearly didn’t see the light of day thanks to the “money grabbing, miserly attitude” of David Elephant, CEO of Bad Elephant Music and his internet cronies.

Work on Happy People began in late 2015, when Tom delivered his first set of demos. A vague intention to perhaps complete the final recording in early 2016 was deliberately misinterpreted by the egregious David Elephant as a commitment to a firm deadline. Unaware of this absurd expectation, self-avowed ‘genius songwriter’ Tom continued to work on demos. It was only in the summer of 2016 when Tom submitted a new set of astonishing demos and a modest request for expenses to cover recording costs for full band, flugelhorn ensemble, orchestra and ‘beer allowance’ that the record label’s demands became unreasonable.

And so, despite the imposition of a production team (Daniel Bowles and Jordan Brown) – which Tom will grudgingly admit have made the album sound fantastic – and the whipping up of a frenzied Internet bullying campaign under the banner of ‘The Tom Slatter Immoral Support Group’ on Facebook, Happy People has now been completed and will be released in March 2017, only six months late.

Tom says: “this album is my best yet. I don’t care if David Elephant is moaning about it not being prog. There are a few funny time signatures and one song is nine minutes long so Elephant can shut his stupid, Northern face”.

Says David Elephant: “yeah, it’s not bad. Jordan and Dan have done a great job making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Whether it’ll shift any units remains to be seen – but ultimately, it’s Slatter’s circus. If it sells well, I’ll allow him to buy me a curry. If it doesn’t, I will crush him. I will crush him utterly”.

‘Happy People’ is available to pre-order now from the BEM web site, available as both a CD – with design by Joe Slatter – and as a high-quality digital download.