It’s halloween. Here are some of my murder ballads.

I have written one or two songs the subject matter of which could be desribed as a tad dark.

What the Orderly Saw is about a hospital orderly interrupting some criminals and being shot dead

Nightfall is about the hunger for human flesh that we all feel. Go on, admit it, you want to taste long pork.

Self Made Man is about replacing your body parts with mechanical alternatives in a bid to escape whatever it was that happened to your wife.

Ironbark is 20 minutes long. On average, that’s one person dead every four minutes. “5 men know where the bodies are buried, here in Ironbark”.

Ghosts in my Dreams is about your guilt over the bodies you’ve left behind.

In Some of the Creatures Have Broken the Locks on the Door to Lab 558 everyone dies. Everyone.