Turn the metronome off!

I’ve been enjoying the new Iron Maiden album.

In particular I like how it sounds like a band playing together in a studio. There are little things, like the occasional fret buzz, or hi hat count ins between sections that another producer might cut out in the name of ‘perfection’.

I don’t think they’re playing to a click track – the tempos aren’t metronome perfect. In fact I’m just listening to ‘The Red and the Black’ and the tempo has sped up or slowed down a little three or four times since starting typing.

Rock bands should record like this.The only reason I can think for not doing so is if you’re Fear Factory and playing songs about evil robots. Then you can sound like a machine, cos it makes sense. Everyone else? Turn the bloody metronome off!

Of course, not having an actual band I am forced to use click tracks. Needs must. I try and leave little mistakes in and have changes in tempo where I can. When recording ‘Some of the Creatures….’ I recorded guide tracks that were deliberately loose and a bit rough around the edges timing wise – musical rather than robotic – and recorded the real parts with that as a guide.

Perfection isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.