I always wanted to be a novelist but I got distracted by songwriting

So, having finished recording, I am now thinking about artwork for the new EP. Last week five people won a name-out-of-a-hat competition to hear a preview, and I am rather looking forward to letting the rest of you hear the new stuff.

The new EP is called ‘Through These Veins’ and contains three narratively connected songs that are in fact related to a character named ‘Seven Bells John’. This EP, the one after it, and the full length album I’ll hopefully release half way through 2014 are all related to the same character.

As a prelude to the EP, you might be interested in the following:

I have written several songs about Seven Bells John:

Steam Engine Murders and the Trial of Seven Bells John

Seven Bells John is the character in ‘The Steam Engine Murders…’ who during that song is on trial for murder. I’m going to rework this song as part of my next full length album.

Lines overheard at a Séance

Seven Bells is also the subject of ‘Lines Overheard at a Séance’. Here we see the replies that the detective chasing Seven Bells receives when he asks about one of his previous victims.


Ironbark is also related to Seven Bells. The detective mentioned in this is the same as the one who was asking questions at the séance.

How does Seven Bells fit in?

You’ll have to wait to find that out.


Blackwater, a song I’ve demoed is about him. Finished version to come in about three months time.

A stupidly long prog song

Last but not least, the unfeasibly long prog rock song I am currently writing is all about him too.

Through These Veins EP – Wanna hear a preview?

Hello you!

I have a new EP nearly ready to go. It’s a concept EP, telling the story of a surgeon who is a little too creative in her medical interventions. As per usual, it’s steampunk prog rock, but with some different sounds to my previous stuff.

Steampunk? Yup, I’ll put a cog on the cover.

Prog rock? Yup, the songs go on too long and there’s no way you could dance to them.

With previous releases I’ve done a giveaway where you can get your hands on a preview version. Let’s do that again!

If you would like to hear three rough mixes of new songs, and view a video where I explain the story behind the ep, all you need to do is drop me an email (tomslattermusic AT gmail.com) and tell me you want in. I’ll pick 5 names out of a hat, metaphorically speaking, on Wednesday 13th November.

Actually, not metaphorically. I have a hat. I will pick 5 names out of an actual hat. A top hat!