Birthday Giveaway!

Hello you!

It’s my birthday this week. One more year avoiding calamity, one more step towards the grave and the sweet release of death.

So let’s celebrate!

I’m feeling pretty chipper at the mo as I’ve been making progress on the next release. This will be an ep with a couple of what are sounding like the best songs I’ve written so far.

However, that’s not ready for you to hear yet, so instead I’ve set all my music on bandcamp to ‘pay what you want*’ so if you don’t have a copy of any of my stuff, especially the latest album Three Rows of Teeth, now’s the time to get yourself a copy. Click here for the bandcamp page.

If you already have a copy, why not send someone else the link?

*Pay what you want= put in any price. You are welcome, in fact invited, to put 0 and get the music for free.