Things that have Happened

Some things that have happened are:

So summer is here and finally I am free from the day job. I can experience the real world for a week or two.

I've been up to various things. IronBark has recieved a little attention in the form of a review by the lovely Oliver Arditi and my music has also turned up on two podcasts.

Made in the UK:
Epileptic Gibbon:

I've also made a start on failing 5090.

5090 is a songwriting challenge where songwriters try to write 50 new songs in the 90 days from July 4th. Every year I fail – the most I have ever managed is 25.

Here's my 5090 profile:

So far I've managed 3 songs and you can hear some rough demos of them on my profile. They're all rough recordings and were composed in only the time it took to record them. I happen to think there are some good ideas in there and with a lot of pruning they'll come up good.

Joe 'The Dark Sibling' Slatter and I have also been shooting a video for Beast of the Air. When I say we've been shooting, I mean Joe has been shooting it and I've been doing what he tells me and generall prancing about like a tit.

I've seen a rough edit of what we look so far. Joe has excelled himself.

We're shooting a few bits and bobs in August and then it shall be unleashed upon the world. It's gonna look bloody amazing once finished.

I've also been booked to play a gig in London on Sunday week but I haven't had final confirmation of details, so watch this space for that.

And that is what has happened.