Seven Curses and Lines in the Dirt

<a href="">Seven Curses by Tom Slatter</a>

Seven Curses and Lines in the Dirt are two new songs that share a steampunky/Victorian Explorer/ancient civilizations theme. They will be emailed free to members of my mailing list in the next week or so, but they’re are available now to listen to and download for any price you want (including free). Just click the buttons above.

Wednesday 2nd June – My First Online Gig

On Wednesday 2nd June I will be performing some, all or none of the songs from my steampunk album (and others besides) live via the internet.

To be specific, it will be on Ustream.

More details to come, all you need to do is not make plans for that evening at about

In the meantime, here’s my first little experiment with Ustream: