Do you like modern rock with a progressive influence? Songs that take you somewhere where there aren’t always four beats in the bar, where lyrics are about the weirder, less pedestrian walks of life. Songs that aren’t afraid to try new things and never take themselves too seriously. 

At least that’s how I think of my music. I love prog, I love singalong rock songs. I try to combine those two ideas. Now you can download three of my proggiest songs to hear the results.

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Tom Slatter is a musician who “has produced some of the most innovative progressive music in recent years.” Prog Magazine

“A heady mix of darkness, anger, emotional depth and music that packs an
emotional punch… this is a must hear record” 
Classic Rock Society Magazine

” An experiment too far”Steampunk Chronicle

How often do you email?

About once a month on average, but only when there’s something new to share.

So it’s not spammy?

I don’t think so. It’ll be of interest if you like my music and want to know when I have new stuff for you to listen to.

So I’m not going to get a sales pitch?

I’m not exactly the most commercially minded musician in the world. I’ll send you an update when I have something new to listen to or there are gigs coming up. That’s all. No-one else gets your email, it’s not spammy. It can be a bit silly every now and then.