Freedom Of Expression – Take 3

Last Tuesday I performed at Freedom of Expression at the Green Dragon. Here’s the vid:

Video streaming by Ustream

This is the third time I’ve performed at the same venue and it’s always fun. As they record and broadcast the gig via Ustream it gives me the fun little challenge of perfoming a completely different set each time.

I’ve ripped the audio from the recording above and you can download it for free, along with the previous gig at the Green Dragon, from the fan page.

Also performing were Jeremy Ayre and Ashley Cowan who I particularly enjoyed. Here’s one of his songs:

My First Online Gig

On Wednesday I played my first online gig, via Ustream:

The setlist was:

  • Mechanism
  • August and Whiteface
  • Moon behind the Sun
  • Something’s Bound to Happen
  • Self Made Man
  • Black Water
  • Spinning the Compass
  • Where Once They Had Hearts
  • Jetpack

Most of which can also be heard via my solo album or Comrade Robot’s bandcamp or youtube pages.

It was easily the most fun I’ve had at a gig for ages, especially because of all the silliness in the ustream chatroom.

The sound and vision were pretty good, though listening back I would have liked the guitar quieter. Rather than ripping the audio straight from here, I’m thinking of doing another seperate acoustic recording of some of these  songs today. Because I can.

Thanks to all those who listened, and if you didn’t the video above will show you what you missed.

Wednesday 2nd June – My First Online Gig

On Wednesday 2nd June I will be performing some, all or none of the songs from my steampunk album (and others besides) live via the internet.

To be specific, it will be on Ustream.

More details to come, all you need to do is not make plans for that evening at about

In the meantime, here’s my first little experiment with Ustream: