Murder songs continue…

…we’re up to four of them now. Here’s the second:

The fact is, I have written quite a few songs about murder. Quite a silly amount. Like loads.

So it seemed a good idea to record some performances of them and, as we go, count up the amount of dead people. So far we’ve had 5 murders in 4 songs.

I certainly didn’t plan that by the third video I would accidentally include a picture of ‘fan’ Tony, or mention him again in the fourth video. Look, I don’t bear a grudge and I am certainly not started a feud with Tony. Not at all. not even slightly.

Murder on video! Well not actual murder. Songs about murders. Fictional ones.

As you know (unless you don’t. You probably do. I assume it’s only people who like my music who read this. One or two of you. Hi! It’s probably Andy. Hi Andy. Thanks for reading) I’ve been working on an EP of murder ballads. Here is video proof.


This video is the first run-through. It’s a nice cheery tale about a bloke who murdered his wife, regrets doing so and now is trying to contact her using a spirit box.


Butcher Boy

Another first run through.’Butcher Boy’ is about a butcher who turns his talents with a knife on some of his customers.


I headed over to Jordan’s to record his double bass. This proved a little more difficult than I was expecting…