Studio Report 2: ‘It’s not called a ‘Honk-pipe’!’

For at least twenty years I have been insisting that the instrument my sister, Rebecca, plays is called a ‘honk-pipe’.

Technically this is untrue. It is a bassoon. But that’s not as funny.

On Saturday Becca came round to record a bassoon duet with herself for the new album. The piece she is playing on is called ‘Patterns of Light,’ and I haven’t quite figured out what all the words are so I can’t tell you what it is about. But it’s a track from the middle of the album that gives us a break from the more rocky material around it. My aim is to create something that’s sort of ‘sickly-sweet’, a feeling I’ve tried to achieve by forcing together two major keys that don’t belong together.

Being a proper musician, I was able to just throw together a little score and as it is a short piece we were done quickly. It sounds really good.

I’ve also made some good progress on vocals, now that lingering bastard of a cold has mostly gone away. Lead vocals and a large chunk of the backing vocals are at ‘draft one’ stage. There’s maybe another days worth of work to do on those and I’ll have vocals finished.

After that?

Well the next two Fridays include recording of a small choir. More on that next week!

Do you want to hear an extract of the work so far? 

If you were a subscriber to my Immoral Supporters group on bandcamp, you could. Click here to find out more.

A gig? A live gig? With an actual band?

You may have seen over on social media that I have the first Tom Slatter band gig in the diary. Here’s the poster. If you can get to London on 28th March, it would be great to see you!

Tickets can be purchased here!