The Immoral Supporters

Pasting my face onto unlikely pictures has become a regular occurrence in the ‘supporters’ group. 

Sometime in 2016 I started a facebook group. I thought it would be a bit of fun. A chance for the small number of people who liked my music to band together and have a chat.

It descended into a swamp of bullying and punning as they all began to harass me. ‘Mubla’ was their cry, for reasons that I must admit now escape me. ‘Mubla, mubla, mubla’. And occasionally ‘penguin’.

I asked them to describe what it was like being a member of the group. Here are some of the things they said:

“It’s great to be in a group dedicated to the abuse of a so called musician.” – Andy

“It’s an opportunity to peer into Tom’s psyche (and wish we hadn’t)” – Steven

“You’ve only got yourself to blame and I take great pleasure in annoying you whilst enjoying your music” – Ian

“I feel queasy.” – Alexander

“I have just come from a meeting of the Windermere Self-Immolation Society.” – Roger.

I enjoyed it when people started jokingly asking where the new album was. David Elephant, Evil Record Label Boss of Bad Elephant Music had claimed that Happy People was overdue, and the Immoral Supporters leapt on this as an opportunity to hassle me about it.

Fool that I was, I encouraged them. They started asking in weirder and weirder ways, via code and semaphore.

Now, you could argue I was egging them on. I did hide the word ‘mubla’ three times on Happy People and encouraged them to search for it. And I did pretend to be annoyed when they were asking me where the album was.

Oh. Album. Mubla. I get it.

But that was no excuse to make so many awful puns.

I could understand asking where the album was, but why the puns?

If you are not one of the unpleasant people who insists on harassing me via The Tom Slatter Immoral Supporters Group online, please don’t join in. Stay away. It is an unpleasant group.

Here is a link. Please do not click on the link and join this group. 

Hello you! My latest release ‘Spirit Box’, a ‘concept EP’ about ghost hunting and murder, is out now. Evil Clowns, murderous butchers, failed attempts at ghost hunting, what more could you want from an EP? Here’s a link.