Gigs gigs gigs!

One of the things I don’t really have time to sort out is performing.

I can do day job, recording music, a bit of promo, and, well, life. But there isn’t the time to do all the work that would go into making gigs happen, not if I want to get the music recorded and released at a pace I’m happy with. So I am very happy that people ask me to play gigs. This is probably the best way to ensure you get to see me play – ask me to a thing you’re putting on. We need a room and some people, that’s all.

So coming up we have:

August 21st – Supporting JH at the Miller Pub, London Bridge 7pm. Facebook event.

August 22nd – The Surrey Steampunk Convivial New Malden, I think I’m playing around 9ish. Facebook event.

September 12th – House concert in London (dunno If that’s open to the general public yet)

July 16th 2016Eppyfest!

Plus hopefully some stuff in the pipeline for November will get sorted and I get to visit other parts of the country.

Recently I’ve also played in Durham, Weymouth, London thanks. All of these gigs have a. not cost me money b. had lovely audiences c. been great events that people have enjoyed.

Having spent quite a while playing shit gigs on the London circuit a few years back, I regard this current policy of playing stuff when nice people come to me with interesting ideas as a good one.

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