Last Night’s Gig

Last night I played at the Portobello Acoustic Sessions at the Metropolitan pub near Westbourne Park.

The Metropolitan is a lovely pub to which you should go. It has a snug. This is a good thing.

The gig was fun too, despite the fact that the audience was small. Besides myself there was the lovely folk-pop duo Jespa, a wonderful jazz duo – Rebecca Heynes and Sam (whose surname escapes me) and a bloke called Pete who's surname I can't remember.

Find Jespa at

Pete was interesting – sub-Dylanesque three chord non-songs that he didn't play very well. He also turned up clearly off his head, broke a string on his own guitar, didn't treat the guitar he subsequently borrowed particularly well, took too long to get off stage and made lots of noise during one of my songs right in front of the stage.

I wasn't a fan.

I became a little disillusioned with the London acoustic scene a couple of years ago because I always seemed to be on bills with lots of acts like Pete.

Thankfully, Jespa and Rebecca and Sam were fantastic – some of the best stuff I've heard on the circuit for a while and the couple running the night were wonderful.

Lessons to learn?

1. I should gig more – it was fun and I went down well
2. I'm enjoying calling the setlist on the fly – I've done that the last few appearances and it's quite fun. I played a song I've never played before and hadn't even thought of for a year or so – I'll dig an MP3 out of the vaults and share it with you at some point because you won't have heard of it.
3. People like knowing what the song is about – a bit of a speal about the song works well – and I do enjoy telling people about the stupid things I write lyrics about.

So yes, yesterday's gig was lots of fun. Next Month I'm at the Green Dragon in Croydon on October 25th.