My First Online Gig

On Wednesday I played my first online gig, via Ustream:

The setlist was:

  • Mechanism
  • August and Whiteface
  • Moon behind the Sun
  • Something’s Bound to Happen
  • Self Made Man
  • Black Water
  • Spinning the Compass
  • Where Once They Had Hearts
  • Jetpack

Most of which can also be heard via my solo album or Comrade Robot’s bandcamp or youtube pages.

It was easily the most fun I’ve had at a gig for ages, especially because of all the silliness in the ustream chatroom.

The sound and vision were pretty good, though listening back I would have liked the guitar quieter. Rather than ripping the audio straight from here, I’m thinking of doing another seperate acoustic recording of some of these  songs today. Because I can.

Thanks to all those who listened, and if you didn’t the video above will show you what you missed.

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